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Project URS: NFT Robots in the Metaverse

Above The Project URS: URS Robot (Copyright © The Project URS, 2021) Set in a dystopian future, these bio-robots are bringing...
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clara che wei peh

Parallel World: The Birth of the NFT Arts Scene, With Researcher Clara Peh

Above Holikpc: Old Computer (Copyright © Holikpc, 2020) Beyond just hype, NFTs are precipitating a new approach to art and...
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For NFT Artist Needles, Art Is Everything

Above Needles: Karakuri Music Box: Autumn (Copyright © Eri Harigai, 2021) Eri Harigai, who goes by the artist name Needles,...
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How to Transfer xDai NFT to Cargo

Listing your Niftyzone-minted xDai NFT on Cargo or other platforms In previous articles, you learned how to set up your...
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The Importance of the NFT Community With 3D Artist Thallaputra

Above Thallaputra: Will to Survive (Copyright © Thallaputra, 2021) How community and positivity have made 3D artist Thallaputra — in his...
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CryptoPunks for Sale

CryptoPunks for Sale

Niftyzone is making 4 of the elusive CryptoPunks available for sale right here at our NFT marketplace. As the summer...
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lucy lin

Digital Illustrator Lucy Lin – Interview With NFT Marketplace Niftyzone

Above Lucy Lin: MEDUSA Animation (Copyright © Lucy Lin, 2021) The illustrator and now animator talks us through her journey of...
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Rynja’s Travels in the Physical and NFT Realms

Above Rynja: 01 Ethertree Stage 1: Light (Copyright © Rynja, 2021) Rynja briefly tells us about the discipline involved in...
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CryptoPunks for Sale Guides

What Are CryptoPunks and How to Buy Them

Above Larva Labs: CryptoPunks (Copyright © Larva Labs)   What are CryptoPunks? (Niftyzone has also made 4 exclusive CryptoPunks available on...
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dojo namwong

Dojo Namwong’s Emotionally Charged NFT Art

Above Dojo Namwong: On Melancholy Hill (Copyright © Dojo Namwong, 2021) A mix between pop surrealism and psychedelic art, Dojo...
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