I draw, I post, I move on

“I draw, I post, I move on.” Today, NiftyZone will be covering an exclusive interview with mysterious artist, ‘PSSYPPL‘. We realised that his artworks stand out from usual NFT artists and we were curious to find out the true meaning behind his art pieces. To some, his works might come off as a little frightening… Continue reading I draw, I post, I move on

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GreyRadian Shines Radiantly

This week, Nifty Zone had an amazing chance to reach out to a stunning artist known as GreyRadian. She is a concept artist and illustrator who was originally from Australia but is now based in Tokyo – specifically in the Japanese video game industry. GreyRadian specialises in bringing the Japanese anime and kawaii aesthetic to… Continue reading GreyRadian Shines Radiantly

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